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27th-Jun-2017 04:51 pm - Boston Early Music Festival
treble clef
I am trying to stay caught up with posting, so here is this year's BEMF, posted 2 months ahead of 2015's festival. I went to 16 hours of events---a very busy but wonderful week.
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27th-Jun-2017 02:17 pm - Gotham, season 3
We watched the double-episode season 3 finale of Gotham last night. I enjoyed it about the same as season 2. The villians are definitely more fun to watch than the heroes. Especially when they must work together, ike Nygma and Penguin in Heroes Rise: All Will Be Judged (# 19).

One other very odd highlight was in Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell… (# 1): Mishkin's Pharmacy gets robbed!
26th-Jun-2017 11:36 am - They're Playing Our Song
alto sax
We saw They're Playing Our Song at TCAN on Saturday night. This turned out to be not a musical, but a play by ‎Neil Simon with some songs by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager. The only memorable song was the title song. We were sitting on the side, on the aisle, and were not impressed with the poor sight lines. There was also poor micing. But we were glad to have seen a new-to-us play.

I thought Sonia (Alix Bigley) stood out in the cast, and I liked the concept of the chorus made up of Sonia and Vernon voices. The Vernon Voices' tiny xylophones were very cute, and clearly they had practiced hard.

Best line was Vernon's at the start of the second act: My greatest fear is that I will now have to adopt Leon.
26th-Jun-2017 11:31 am - Riverdale, season 1
trans-canada clouds
Joe only managed 20 minutes of Riverdale but I went back and watched the series when it arrived on NetFlix.
I like the ensemble, especially Jughead (Cole Sprouse), and for some reason, Fred Andrews (Luke Perry). Nice to see Mädchen Amick and Molly Ringwald.

The best line was in Chapter 12: Betty: I’m a Blossom!?
23rd-Jun-2017 10:42 pm - Angie Tribeca, season 3
We finished season 3 of Angie Tribeca tonight  It is still silly and surreal with lots of puns. I liked it more than season 2, don't know exaxctly why. Hoffman is hilarious, and Dr. Scholls has grown on me. I totally didn't recognize Chris Pine as Dr. Thomas Hornbein.

Other highlights:
Welcome Back, Blotter (# 1): Timothy Omundson
License to Drill (# 7): noir atmosphere (lots of saxophone); Jack McBrayer
21st-Jun-2017 10:59 pm - American Gods, season 1
I've been looking forward to the STARZ version of American Gods since I read the book. And I was not disappointed. It was magnificently surreal, and with reasonable divergences from the book, such as adding Vulcan and greater emphasis on Bilquis and Mad Sweeney.

The cast was excellent, especially Ricky Whittle (Shadow Moon), Emily Browning (Laura Moon), Ian McShane (Mr. Wednesday), Gillian Anderson (Media) and Kristin Chenoweth (Easter). It was fun to see Corbin Bernsen (Vulcan) and Jeremy Davies (Jesus Prime).
treble clef
Sunday afternoon was The Yeomen of the Guard, this year's 'last minute' sing-a-long eventsco-presented by The New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society and Longwood Opera. Last year we both went to The Mikado, but Joe was out of town so I went with my new score and sang along on the choruses. Lots of fun.

We'd seen a TV version of Yeomen, over 30 years ago, and only one live performance, by Sudbury Savoyards in 2008. Not my favorite G&S, but I do really like 'I have a song to sing, O!'
12th-Jun-2017 09:38 am - Camelot
Saturday afternoon we saw the last Lyric Stage production this season, Camelot. It was a special shorter version of the Lerner and Lowe musical, adapted by David Lee, and was (of course) very good. I love the music. The leads were excellent: Ed Hoopman (Arthur), Jared Troilo (Lancelot) and especially Maritza Bostic (Gwenevere).

I didn't mind the men's blue jeans, but some of the costumes really did make me think of brocade furniture or curtains.
12th-Jun-2017 09:29 am - Class, series 1
Last night we watched the season (series?) finale of Class, a spinoff of Doctor Who. Joe found it tedious, but I enjoyed it and would watch a series 2 if it were to be renewed. I liked the ensemble of Coal Hill Academy kids, and sarcastic math teacher/ former general Quill (Katherine Kelly), who had the best lines.

Some of my favorite moments were during the premiere, For Tonight We Might Die (# 1): Quill: 'Leave us! We are decorating!'; I noticed Oswald, C on the school plaque, but missed Danny's name (evidently also there).

The teen angst was occasionally annoying, with fraught relationship discussions during battles.
5th-Jun-2017 03:02 pm - Never Stop Dancing Recital 2017
alto sax
Ellen's Sunday performance was the big end-of-year dance recital, similar to last year's and the winter recital. Ellen danced in the Mary Poppins Medley (ballet) and in Starships (hip hop). And she was the first in line (in front) in the aisle for the finale, Magic in the Air.

I am always impressed at the organization of these recitals, with 30 groups performing in 90 minutes. The 3-year-old group was super-cute.
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