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19th-Apr-2018 07:06 am - Black Lightning, season 1

We finished the first season of Black Lightning last night. There's lots of superhero action and angst, but the best part is the Pierce family interactions. Looking forward to season 2.

19th-Apr-2018 06:53 am - Sapphire Nights
trans-canada clouds

Last night I finished Sapphire Nights, the first book in Patricia Rice's new Crystal Magic series. This quote (by Samantha Moon) made me laugh: That’s it. I can’t take any more. I’m related to a witch, a death goddess, and the owners of half the town. I never had any idea that family could be such a headache.

18th-Apr-2018 05:00 pm - Ready Player One (2018)

Joe and I both enjoyed Ready Player One, which we saw last Sunday afternoon in Framingham. I especially enjoyed the visual transitions between real life and virtual reality, and it was fun to try to spot the 80's references. We missed a lot of the references, of course, including Serenity from Firefly.

The premise was rather chillingly plausible after having read the article in this month's Smithsonian Magazine.

15th-Apr-2018 05:38 pm - Anna Christie
docks, seaside

Joe and I saw Lyric's production of Anna Christie yesterday. The play, by Eugene O'Neill, was adapted (and directed) by Scott Edmiston.

As always, the acting and costumes were excellent. I particularly liked the set, all wooden slats with a green backdrop, lit from behind. And the lamps swung during the storm.

The ending was a lot happier than I was expecting.

13th-Apr-2018 05:18 pm - Legends of Tomorrow, season 3

I liked the third season of Legends of Tomorrow better than the first and second. Rip Hunter is better as a guest star than as a regular--less portentous--and it's always great when John Constantine drops in.


Phone Home (# 4): Singin’ in the Rain, Fiddler on the Roof, and E.T!

Helen Hunt (# 6): Jax/Stein body switch; Hedy Lamarr!

Crisis on Earth-X (# 8): will miss Victor Garber

Daddy Darhkest (# 10): John Constantine!

Guest Starring John Noble (# 17): John Noble (as Denethor) recording lines as Mallus (voiced by Nobles)

The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly (# 18): Beebo!

Looking forward to season 4.

9th-Apr-2018 08:56 am - Portlandia, season 2
docks, seaside

We watched the season 2 finale of Portlandia last night. It turned out to be a double episode, and Joe said afterward that it was a good antidote to Jesus Christ Superstar Life in Concert.

One More Episode (# 2): Battlestar Galactica (real and fake Ron Moores), Jeff Goldblum

Cool Wedding (# 3): Jack McBrayer

Brunch Village (# 10): Ed Begley as desperate brunch restaurant owner; Tim Robbins as crime lord; Kyle Maclachlan as the mayor, kayaking down the river to avoid traffic; Fred and Carrie body-surfing over a crowd that includes Fred and Carrie

The Brunch Special (# 11): director's cut of Brunch Village; behind-the-scenes feature afterward with director Jonathan Krisel, producer David Cress, executive producer Lorne Michaels, and Catherine E. Coulson as the marionberry farmer

trans-canada clouds

Jesus Christ Superstar is not our favorite musical. The one time we'd seen it before was at Turtle Lane in 2000. That said, I do like the music. (Joe is not fond of rock...) So I recorded NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Life in Concert and we watched it last night.

As Joe said, it was brilliantly done---though he still didn't like it. I thought it would be more static, like a concert, but there was very lively choreography and the camera work was well thought out. The set was fun with scaffolding (and musicians on the scaffolding).

The three leads were excellent: John Legend, Sara Bareilles and especially Brandon Victor Dixon as Judas. It was fun to see Alice Cooper as King Herod. And I was impressed by Norm Lewis as Caiaphas and Jin Ha as Annas.

The production ran long so we missed the end of the bows. It cut off at Norm Lewis and Jin Ha.

7th-Apr-2018 10:44 pm - Counterpart, season 1

The first season of Counterpart was very confusing but interesting. And violent: I kept my eyes closed a lot.

The double roles in the two realities were fun. The cast was excellent, especially J.K. Simmons as Howard Silk, managing to make it clear which Howard was onscreen even without saying anything.

Looking forward to season 2.

7th-Apr-2018 10:38 pm - Fool Moon

I had trouble putting down Fool Moon, by Jim Butcher. It kept me turning the pages even more than the first book, Storm Front, did.

Favorite line was Dresden's comment about the cheerful Alphas: 'Werewolfkateer role call: Billy. Georgia. Tommy. Cindy.'

2nd-Apr-2018 10:13 am - Museum of Science

We processed through the Museum of Science again yesterday with a group of eleven. A year ago it was only ten of us, but Lily was old enough to join us this year.

We all started at Dora and Diego — Let's Explore. And there Zeke stayed for over an hour while everybody else moved on to playground science, the virtual aquarium and making boats. Finally Zeke agreed to join the cousins and learn how to program a robot. After lunch, we went through the Mirror Maze, which Joe and I had seen in Chicago. Dan, Donna and Zeke stayed a bit longer with us to look at some of the Numbers in Nature displays. Music composition and fractals were big hits.

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